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Commercial Plantation Shutters

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Commercial Plantation Shutters are a real ‘game changer’ – once installed, you’ll get used to clients and customers complementing you on their distinctive, elegant look, and the way they help define the premium character your business. Commercial Plantation Shutters are now available in both internal (timber) and external (aluminium) applications. They’re popular for their practical functionality too, offering excellent light control and thermal protection in summer and winter.


Commercial Plantation Shutters In Customer Reception Area


Nobody comes close to Country Commercial’s experience and expertise in Plantation Shutters. We’ve invested many years of experience into selecting the perfect material for the slats that are at the heart of our shutters. We insist on plantation timber, specifically Paulownia (Pol-on-ia). It’s the most durable choice, stiff, stable, resistant to warping or sagging and far superior to other materials such as veneer, PVC or MDF. We choose the best and we treat it to the finish it deserves, too; that’s three undercoats and two top coats of premium quality paint. The result is even greater durability and a look that’s pure prestige.

Going with aluminium instead? Our aluminium shutter slats are coated with an automotive finish, giving long-lasting beauty in a finish that doesn’t flake or chip.


Our Commercial Plantation Shutter range


‘Pinnacle’ (Paulownia Timber Shutters)

Pinnicle - Timber Plantation Shutters

Pinnacle shutters are composed of solid Paulownia timber that is 100% organically grown explicitly for our commercial plantation shutters production.

Paulownia is a hardwood that is ideal for Australia’s climate – it provides a strong, reliable finish that doesn’t warp, twist or buckle. Many timber shutters are sold as ‘solid’ timber, when they are in fact only veneer. For steadfast performance in commercial installations year after year, nothing beats solid Paulownia. It’s amazing strength ands stiffness means that the Pinnacle commercial plantation shutter is capable of spanning widths up to 1100 mm (1.1 m). By contrast, most competitors using lesser materials needs two panels to span this width.

The Pinnacle is 2-pack polyurethane painted for durability, and can be custom painted to suit any fit out – so there’s no need to be limited bt a ‘standard’ colour range.


‘Drift’ (Paulownia Timber Shutters)

Drift Paulownia Timber Shutters

The ‘Drift’ range of commercial plantation shutters is a unique take on the plantation shutter as we know it.

Inspired by driftwood similar to what we would find on a beach, it has a texture that makes it stand out from the range. The drift shutter is manufactured using 100% Paulownia timber. It is proven to have amazing resistance to the Australian environments, stable and strong for year after year.

The Drift shutter comes in a range of beautiful stains and washes and can be used as a background or a feature piece to add contrast to any business space.


‘Entice’ (PVC & Aluminium Shutters)

Entice - Plantation Shutter

‘Entice’ Commercial Plantation Shutters are a hybrid of aluminium and PVC.  The frame and blades consist of an aluminium core for rigidity, and PVC as the top layer for a smooth protective finish. The Entice range of Commercial Plantation Shutters perfect for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Custom designs using the Entice Commercial Plantation Shutter is a Country specialty. What shape are the windows in your business? Round, triangular, hexagon … no shape is too difficult, no size is too small or large.

‘Entice’ Commercial Plantation Shutter range are 2-pack painted in a variety of colours to suit any decor.


‘Endure’ (Aluminium Plantation Shutters)

Endure Aluminium Plantation ShuttersDesigned to withstand extreme heat from our harsh Australian summers to freezing winters, the Endure is made from extruded aluminium, painted with an automotive finish to give it a long-lasting appearance, that doesn’t flake or chip.

Combining strength, security and flexibility, aluminium plantation shutters are a highlight of Australia’s increasing move to doing business in airy, outdoor spaces full of natural light.

As a result, the Endure aluminium commercial plantation shutter collection unites design with usability for your exterior shade screens. It’s perfect for providing wind protection or privacy on commercial balconies or alfresco areas.


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Commercial Plantation Shutters 2-year warranty built in as standard

2 year Limited Warranty GraphicEvery commercial product carries Country’s exclusive 2-year limited warranty, so if you ever have an issue resolving it is as easy as calling us on 1300 303 299.

Country Commercial is a growing South Australian family-owned and run business since 1987. Through the decades, in every aspect of our service, we hold quality and workmanship above all. We deliver quality, custom-made window furnishings that function properly and enhance the look of the home and business. Put simply, if it’s made by Country Commercial, it’s made to last.

Product Features & Benefits

Product Features & Benefits

• Internal shutters use 100% Paulownia plantation timber.
• External shutters use extruded aluminium with an automotive finish.
• 2-pack polyurethane paint for a flawless finish to timber & PVC shutters.
• Timber is hand selected, ensuring no knots, odd grains and other imperfections.

Large Choice and Quality

Large Choice and Quality

• Your choice of products including Paulownia timber, PVC and aluminium.
• Over 20 colours and stain options suite any decor.
• If you are after a custom service, we can colour match paints.
• We design, assemble and service every shutter in Adelaide.
• No waiting for overseas manufacturers and interstate retailers to fix a problem.
• 2 Year Warranty On All Commercial plantation Shutters

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