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Commercial Cellular / Honeycomb Blinds

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Soft, modern and perfect for office spaces

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Sometimes referred to as ‘honeycomb blinds‘, Commercial Cellular Blinds might just be the perfect design for Australian business spaces.

It’s the ‘cell’ that makes all the difference! The fabric cell that’s a feature of Country Commercial’s Cellular Blinds encapsulates a pocket of air. The benefit of this is very effective insulation, meaning less money spent on heating in winter and cooling in summer. Effective light filtering is also a key feature, and complete block out of light is also possible, depending on your fabric choice. Cellular Blinds by Country Commercial mean every business can have complete control of light in offices and meeting rooms.


Commercial Cellular Blinds


Another very attractive benefit of Commercial Cellular Blinds is their ability to ‘stack’ in a very compact way when raised. They virtually disappear against the header rail, leaving you with no clutter, just a wide-open window space. For any business space that values privacy, insulation, great light control and modern style, the benefits of Commercial Cellular Blinds make them a very attractive choice.


Light control? Choose your material…

The beauty of Cellular Blinds by Country Commercial is the enormous selection of fabrics available – and the unique way each one controls light:

  • Mesh – delivers excellent daytime privacy, a popular business request.
  • Light Filtering – soft light is allowed in while delivering the sort of thermal protection that helps save energy
  • Foiled Single Cell Block Out – offers the complete light block out that’s perfect for projection and presentation rooms, plus high thermal protection

Country Commercial’s Light Filtering and block out designs each come in a choice of two cell sizes – 25 millimetre and 38 millimetre – to best fit varying window proportions. If ultimate thermal performance is your priority, we also offer a double cell option. All Commercial Cellular Blinds are available in a variety of textures and patterns. This opens up an enormous palette of potential for business owners wishing to set a mood or make a statement.


Stacks of benefits – slim and compact, regardless of drop

A combination of smart design and special fabrics mean that our Commercial Cellular Blinds stack down on each other ‘accordion style’ when retracted, taking up only a tiny amount of space. Even on tall windows with a big drop measurement, there’s no clutter when your Cellular Blinds are stacked up.


Stay on top or go bottoms up – options in sill-stacking let in the light while protecting privacy

Neat and compact, regardless of drop

Forget what you know about ‘rolling up’ conventional blinds. With Commercial Cellular Blinds by Country Commercial, ‘top down, bottom up’ operation lets you drop your blinds from the top down, effectively stacking the whole blind on the window sill. Or perhaps just part of it. This is the sort of innovation that’s perfect for privacy in your business.

Depending on how you use your blinds and how your windows function, those outside your offices will see only your ceiling – the lower section, your staff and their work remains private. It’s the ideal scenario, and even better if you have top-opening windows to allow airflow.


Perfect for limited space, but never limited for colours.

Where space is limited – and even on the back of doors – nothing fits as flush as Commercial Cellular Blinds by Country. To help you achieve a perfect, cohesive look, every standard cord-operated design has colour-matched head rails. Why compromise? With Country Commercial Cellulars, your head rail will always match the colour of your blinds beautifully.


Commercial Cellular Blinds Offer Privacy and Versatility

City, suburbs and beyond. Country Commercial is there for you.

In fact anywhere you see superb, custom-made quality blinds, curtains and awnings, you can bet they were made and installed by Country Commercial. Yes, we serve the city and suburbs, too – just phone for a quote by calling 1300 303 299 , or CLICK HERE.


2-year warranty on Commercial Cellular Blinds

2 year Limited Warranty GraphicCountry Commercial is a family owned and run South Australian business that’s been making products to be proud of right here since 1987. Through the decades we’ve been putting quality first and building on a reputation for excellence.

Peace of mind is an 2-year limited warranty as standard provided by people who design, manufacture, and install the products they sell for over 35 years. Every commercial product carries Country Commercial’s exclusive 2-Year Limited Warranty and if you ever have an issue, resolving it is as easy as calling us on 1300 303 299 and speaking with the people who made what you own.



Product Features

Product Features

• Softly filter light or opt for complete blockout
• Amazing insulating performance – up to five times that of standard glass and two and a half times more effective than double glazing
• Slim stacking for maximum views when not in used
• An option to be installed enabling ‘top down or bottom up’ stacking – raise or lower blinds from top or bottom, a great privacy option, especially in two storey homes
• Actuation using cords, continuous cords or no cords at all

Choice & Quality

Choice & Quality

• Manufactured in non-woven polyester material that looks and feels like paper yet is incredibly
• Perfectly colour-matched head rails and base rails
• Choose from a large range of colours as well as patterns
• 2 year limited warranty on all Commercial Cellular/Honeycomb Blinds

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