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Commercial Double Roller Blinds

Next level light control

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Country Commercials offers Custom Double Roller Blinds for your business that deliver  good looks as well as easy control of light all year round. They offer all the streamlined good looks of Country Commercial roller blinds, plus an extra layer of versatility. With a translucent blind set behind a partial or complete block out blind, you control light, privacy, insulation and style options as well.

Choose to motorise and automate your custom Double Roller Blinds, or go with manual control. Our Country Commercial experts can install your blinds in a way that’s perfect for your business. With over 35 years’ experience, you can trust Country Commercial to deliver a look that’s perfect for how you work.


Two fabric layers, endless choices

Versatility and lots of decorator options – it’s all yours with Double Roller Blinds. The opportunity to complement or contrast between your translucent or ‘sheer’ material layer, and that of the feature blind in front. Country Commercial offers an amazing selection of materials, with attractive colours, patterns and textures by the world’s great makers. What’s more, our qualified Commercial Design Consultants can help guide your choices so that the final look works with your existing décor and adds value to your business premises.


We match installation options to your windows

Rely on your Country Commercial Design Consultant to recommend the installation method best matched to your windows. That means the best fit for your business, ease of use and perfect performance.

Face fixed block out fabric, screen mounted in reveal – with the block out blind mounted on the face of the architrave, the whole window is covered. This approach offers maximum light block out with the blind rolled down. It also means that components and bracketry are hidden behind for a neat finish.

Double Roller Blind Bracket – installation using this bracket offers two options. Choose to have the Double Roller Blind mounted in the face of the architrave, or have both blinds in the window reveal. Please note that successful mounting inside the reveal will be dependent on enough clearance being available.

Your Country Commercial Design Consultant will be happy to visit your place of business to advise on which installation technique will work best for your windows.



Big windows, wide blinds, no sag

Standard top tubes used by Country Commercial are significantly bigger than the industry benchmark. This is simply because a stronger top tube eliminates sag. Country Commercial offers aluminium top tubes in a range of sizes. This enables us to match the perfect diameter c to your window width. Your Commercial Design Consultant can explain all the advantages and recommend the perfect top tube size when visiting your business to quote. Extra care and quality Country Commercial components mean you can enjoy Double Roller Blinds without any unsightly sag at all.


Geared to make life easy

35 years of experience in design and manufacture has given Country Commercial the time to evolve and improve every product. The special chain drive used on our Double Roller Blinds is a good example of this evolution. Our chain drive is geared for easy, low-effort operation, even with heavy blinds. Our unique gear ratio makes all the difference. It’s easier on motors in automated installations, easier to operate should you choose manual operation, and it eliminates slipping altogether. Country Commercial can also add booster springs to further ease operation of the very biggest blinds. How about chains? With no joiners to fail, our ‘endless’ chains are the strongest you’ll find.


Choose motorised, automated Commercial Roller Blinds by Country


Blind Motorisation

Expert design. Best -in-class components. Nobody does motorisation and remote control better than Country Commercial. Beautiful new Double Roller Blinds with effortless operation. Choose wall-mounted controls, hand-held remotes, App control with your smartphone or even voice actuation. Simple, safe and convenient, motorised and automated Double Roller Blinds add value to your business. Find out more today.


2-year warranty on all Commercial Double Roller Blinds

2 year Limited Warranty GraphicCountry Commercial is a family owned and run South Australian business that’s been making products to be proud of right here since 1987. Through the decades we’ve been putting quality first and building on a reputation for excellence.

Peace of mind is a 2-Year Limited Warranty as standard on all commercial products, provided by the people who have been designing, manufacturing and installing what they sell for over 35 years. If you ever have an issue, resolving it is as easy as contacting us and speaking with the people who made what you own.



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