Commercial Maintenance FAQ’s


2 year Limited Warranty GraphicWe’d like to thank all our clients for their business, and we trust you enjoy many years of satisfaction from your Country products. Every Country commercial product carries our exclusive 2-Year Limited Warranty, meaning that should you ever have an issue with your product, having it resolved is as easy as calling Country on 1300 303 299.


Important maintenance information for any product installed with moving/wearing parts

Like a motor in a car, wearing parts require periodic lubrication. We recommend a SILICONE spray (aerosol can) which will lubricate sufficiently without sticky, oily residue. Recommended for door hinges, handles and wheels as well as Ziptrak side tracks, window awning guide arms along with curtain tracks and cord pulleys. Regular (once every six months) lubrication will prolong the use of the product and keep it running smoothly day in day out.



Curtains & Sheers

FAQ: My curtains fabric has some creases, will these disappear?

A: Whilst all curtains are pressed before leaving the factory, inevitably curtains may gather creases during transport. Some fabric compositions may react worse than others; linen for example. These creases should drop out over the next 2-3 weeks. If deep creases still persist, contact our team on 1300 303 299 and we will quote you on our steaming service.

FAQ: How do I wash my curtains?

A: It is recommended curtains be professionally dry-cleaned, seeing as by using this service, any cleaning is done so at the risk of the cleaner. Please understand there is always a very high risk of shrinkage when curtains are cleaned, even when dry-cleaned, and this shrinkage is NOT covered by our warranty. If you are unsure find the care code on the tag of your curtains and call Country on 1300 303 299 for advice.



Roller Blinds

FAQ: My blind does not roll perfectly straight, will this affect the blind?

A: In most cases this is not a problem. However, if your blind is rolling to one side too much it could start to fray the edge. If this happens, please stop using the blind and call 1300 303 299 so that we can assist in straightening the blind.  Continued use of a blind that is not rolling straight to the point of damage will not be covered under warranty. A blind rolling to one side can be caused by drafts through windows and doors where the air movement can make the blind roll to one side, insects being caught in the fabric when rolling up, or even children/pets playing behind the blinds.

FAQ: When my roller blinds become dirty, how should I clean them?

A: Most roller blind fabrics should be cleaned with a damp ‘Magic Block’ or baby wipes (available from supermarkets) using very light pressure on the fabric. Please be aware that excess pressure applied when cleaning can damage the coating on the fabric. During operation, roller blinds can also squash insects. Please keep an eye out for any unsuspecting victims and remove them as quickly as possible as they may stain your fabric.

FAQ: I have gaps at the edge of a blind or between blinds, are these gaps normal?

A : All standard roller blinds (excluding Ziptrak Interior Blinds) will have gaps at the edge or between blinds, this is to allow for brackets and components. We do our best to ensure the installation of the blind mechanism is horizontal and the fall of each blind is vertical however, due to walls/recesses often being ‘out of square’ we can’t always follow the line of the adjacent wall. Ziptrak Interior Blinds are designed with no gaps and can provide complete block-out from daylight.



Outdoor Blinds & Window Awnings

FAQ: How can I clean my outdoor blinds & awnings?

A: Different cleaners are used for different fabrics.
Clear/tinted PVC should be first rinsed with clean water then cleaned with ‘Vuplex’ (available from Country and most auto care stores) and a soft clean cloth
• Mesh fabric should be cleaned with warm soapy water (dish detergent is fine) on a soft cloth or soft broom then rinsed with clean water
• Canvas fabric should be cleaned with warm soapy water (dish detergent is fine) on a soft cloth then rinsed with clean water. Once dry, the canvas should be treated with fabric water proofer (available from most camping and hardware stores)

FAQ: When I pull down my outdoor blinds there are ripples in the material – will these go away?

A: Depending on materials, some ripples will ‘drop out’ faster than others. Due to the nature of the woven fabrics, these develop a slight ripple when rolled up. However, when lowered this ripple will drop out given exposure to some warmth. It’s a process that can take between 15 minutes and several hours depending on the temperature of the day. Simply lower the outdoor blind evenly, give it some time and the ripples will fade.

Rippling in clear or tinted PVC will reduce, but will never completely disappear. As the consultant advised, this condition does not constitute a product defect.

FAQ: How do I raise my new outdoor blinds or awnings?

A: In most cases this is very simple. Either un-clip the outdoor blind from either side, or from the middle using the centre lock (if fitted) then raise the blind from the centre. Some may feature a crank handle, and using this is simple – fit the handle to the crank, and then wind it in an appropriate direction. Traditional window awnings require you to push the bottom bar down and towards the wall thus ‘unlocking’ them. With this done, keeping the bar pushed towards the wall means the window awning will remain free to travel up and down to the desired position.

FAQ: The operation ‘feel’ of my outdoor blinds varies slightly from one another – is this ok?

A: Yes, outdoor blinds of varying sizes and fitting will feel different to operate, due to their difference in weight. From time to time, the squareness of various support posts can affect the operation of the blinds. Even similar size blinds can feel different from one another, but these differences lessen over time as the blinds ‘bed in’.

FAQ: When operating my Ziptrak blinds, from time to time when using the centre lock I have trouble releasing the locks – why is this?

A: The Ziptrak centre lock system is designed to operate when downward pressure is placed on the bottom bar before lifting the lock handle. The Ziptrak lock handle should be used to release the locks. Ziptrak blinds should never be raised or lowered using the centre lock handle. Hook the handle into the rail itself (rather than the small plastic handle) when pulling down.

FAQ: Can my outdoor blinds or awnings be used in strong winds?

A: No. We strongly recommend raising all outdoor blinds, and window awnings, pleated awnings and folding arm awnings during times when strong winds are present. All Country outdoor products are not warranted against storm damage.

FAQ: Sometimes when I raise my window awnings one side does not sit against the top stop – is this a problem?

A: No, this is due to the ‘splines‘ on the window awning rolling on top of one another which is perfectly normal. To straighten your awning, gently pull the bottom bar down from the side that is high, then raise again, this time ensuring that when you lift the awning bar you are pushing up from the side that was sitting lower. This process may need to be repeated a few times to help level the bottom bar. Rest assured that it will level, and that the condition won’t affect the awning while it is not level. Note that the action of the spline can also sometimes cause the awning to appear ‘fatter’ in the middle, which can occasionally cause the awning to sag slightly when rolled up.

FAQ: My outdoor blinds look baggy when they are wound halfway down, is this normal?

A: Yes, most outdoor blinds have side splines or hems for strength on the edge. All outdoor blinds are designed to look their best once fully lowered.

FAQ: My outdoor blind doesn’t seem level at the top or bottom – there are gaps. Why?

A: All Country outdoor blinds are installed level. Often we find customers’ floors, deck, pavers or concrete can be out of level, due to fall for drainage or even sunken pavers. Sometimes the top fascia can be on a slope due to posts dropping or due to movement in the soil. Because we need to fit our outdoor blinds level, this prevents us from following the sloping ground or sloping top lines. If the gap is severe we will let you know and possibly add a flap or top flashing at a subsidised cost to help conceal the issue.



Plantation Shutters

FAQ: My plantation shutters don’t seem to shut in a way that is perfectly even – is this normal?

A: Plantation shutters are designed to shut in the ‘blade up’ position, and being a natural product some variation in blade width and thickness may lead to varied light bleeding in with some variation. This is completely normal and is to be expected. Plantation shutters will never block out 100 percent of light.

FAQ: Upon very close inspection my shutters appear to have marks or slight imperfections, is this normal?

A: Plantation shutters are made using a natural product and because of this, there can be imperfections in the timber. Please note only marks that can be noticed over 1.5 metres away will be assessed, as per our quotation.

FAQ: Is it OK for my plantation shutter to get wet?

A: Plantation shutters (timber or PVC) can take exposure to water splashes momentarily without adverse effects of wiped dry immediately. However, if left wet for prolonged periods of time the shutter will absorb moisture and can suffer paint damage. This will often be evident through hairline cracks, usually at the base of the shutter or sub-frame. This damage is NOT covered under warranty. We suggest immediately drying any water splashes, making sure the bathrooms and wet areas are well ventilated and that windows are left open.




FAQ: The motor in my blinds has stopped responding to the remote control

A: When this situation arises, it is often found the remote control has a flat battery. In this case, simply visit a hardware store or battery retailer to purchase a replacement battery. Be sure to take the old battery with you for reference to ensure you purchase the correct battery replacement. Having replaced the battery and the motor is still not responding to the remote control, please call us on 1300 303 299 for advice.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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