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Commercial Block Out Blinds

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Clean and modern with no gaps, no fuss.

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There’s quite possibly no option that achieves block out better than the Commercial Block Out Blind system from Country. Whether you need total control of light for an office, conference facility or meeting room, the block out channel system eliminates gaps by seating the fabric within the side tracks, so there’s no light leakage at the bottom or sides of the blind.

Don’t need full block out? Ask about our fabric choices, from moderate light control to fully translucent.


Commercial Block Out Blinds


Commercial Block Out Blinds – a new standard in effortless control

There’s nothing heavy about the block out system. One effortless glide controls light and airflow and keeps out insects, too. The look is clean and light, less prone to dust and with no clumsy cords.


Interior Blind For Bedrooms

There’s no better blind for meeting rooms

The best block out a blind can give makes Country Commercial Block Out Blinds the perfect choice for complete privacy. The vertical track guided system secure the material with no light leakage, so you can rest easy.

Custom fitted by Country Commercial, our Block Out Blind system is slim, discreet and delivers a premium quality look to complement your business.


The friendly choice

Commercial Block Out Blinds by Country Commercial are entirely free of cords, chains and indeed any external actuation devices. That means no potential hazard and extra peace of mind in unpredictable environments, such as veterinary clinics and child care centres where small children or pets are present.


Cool advantages for conference rooms

Commercial Block Out blinds offer best-in-class insulation for large windows, simply because the track system creates an air pocket between the glass and the blind. Some materials we offer at Country Commercial also have a reflective backing that bounces sunlight back outside. There’s no better choice for summer comfort, and outstanding light block out makes it the go-to choice for rooms with large North facing windows.


Blind MotorisationMotorisation and remote control

Same beautiful look, even less effort! At Country Commercial we can custom-build motorisation and remote control into your block out blinds – wall-mounted, hand-held or smartphone actuated. Find out more today.


Country Commercial’s material cutting table – an investment in quality

The computer-controlled cutting table imported by Country Commercial demonstrates a real commitment to quality. The table has a huge cutting surface, a vacuum function to remove wrinkles from the material and cutting accuracy down to the millimetre. All these features add up to a higher quality product for your home. Watch this brief video to get all the facts.


Country Commercial in the Adelaide CBD

Country Commercial can visit you to supply a no obligation quote anywhere in the City, suburbs, or country. Call us today on 1300 303 299 or CLICK HERE and experience Country Commercial quality and service for yourself.


2-year warranty on all Commercial Block Out Blinds

2 year Limited Warranty GraphicCountry Commercial is a family owned and run South Australian business that’s been making products to be proud of right here since 1987. Through the decades we’ve been putting quality first and building on a reputation for excellence.

Peace of mind is an extended 2-year limited warranty as standard on all commercial products, provided by the people who have been designing, manufacturing and installing what they sell for over 35 years. If you ever have an issue, resolving it is as easy as calling us on 1300 956 247 and speaking with the people who made what you own.



Product Features

Product Features

• Unbeatable insulation that keeps out the heat in summer and locks in the warmth in winter
• Total blockout – material set into vertical tracks means no light gaps
• One-touch actuation means no cords or chains
• Stop at any height with Country’s unique spring balance system
• Open or close in seconds with finger-touch ease

Choice & Quality

Choice & Quality

• Manual, motorised and automated options available
• An amazing range of fabric colours available from translucent to total blockout
• A wide range of system/track colours to complement your décor
• Manufactured and assembled by the Country Blinds team at our dedicated factory in the Adelaide Hills
• 2 year commercial warranty - simply call us if you have a concern

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